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Bringing Back A Favorite For Studio & Stage

The WA-19 faithfully recreates one of the most favored studio and live dynamic mics of the 1960s. Like the original adored by live and studio engineers, the WA-19 delivers a unique combination of dynamic mic functionality and studio-worthy condenser tones. With the critical noise rejection & reduced proximity effect of a dynamic, the WA-19 captures vibrant top-end for enhanced detail, surpassing many studio dynamic microphones.This sound has been leveraged by artists like The Beatles, Tame Impala, Slayer (Kerry King), and many more. With elite, upgraded build quality and premium components, the WA-19 revives all the tone of the original 60s-era dynamic mic.

A Bold Transducer & Critical Audio Features

To deliver the sound profile of the lauded original, the WA-19 features a custom, hand-assembled dynamic cardioid humbucking capsule that blends the critical noise rejection of a dynamic microphone with the top-end clarity of a condenser. The WA-19 includes a variable acoustic high-pass filter ring that cuts up to 10dB at 50 Hz, ideal for tightening up the tone and adding upper-midrange emphasis without any electronic phase shift often incurred from preamp high-pass filters. Additionally, ventilated slots on the side of the WA-19 body reduce proximity effect, eliminating boomy bass associated with placing the mic closer to louder sources and make editing a breeze as there are less unwanted bass frequencies competing in the mix. This combination of features on the WA-19 solve critical recording and live performance challenges. For all of the vintage style and substance, the WA-19 is built with a rugged metal design and features modern quality upgrades, making the microphone more durable and ready for the challenges of everyday studio and live use.

Rethink The Role Of Dynamic Mics In The Studio

Unlike the “standard” dynamic mics of today, the WA-19 delivers top-end clarity similar to a condenser microphone, with a frequency response (30Hz–18Khz) that emphasizes upper-mids and rolls off the harshest highs. The tuned transducer sounds great as a snare bottom mic, rejecting all of the boom and noise of the kick drum. As an acoustic guitar mic, the WA-19 is able to capture the “shimmer” and detail in the upper-mids and highs without sacrificing rich woody tone. The thin pencil-style body design of the WA-19 allows for easy mic placement in crowded studio or live performance situations where mics are on top of each other - like recording acoustic guitar and vocals simultaneously, tracking a whole band, or miking a full drum kit. The WA-19 has a dynamic humbucking coil that helps the mic deliver elite off-axis rejection, especially in the bass/lower midrange with minimal noise, making it easy to grab tight snare bottom tones without aggressive kick drum bleed.

Premium Components - Elite Build Quality - Superior Sound

Side Ventilation To Manage Boomy Bass

Vents located down the side of the WA-19 help reduce proximity effect, ensuring troublesome bass due to close micing of loud sources is removed. This makes editing a breeze as there are less unwanted bass frequencies competing in the mix.

50Hz Acoustic High-Pass Filter

The WA-19 comes equipped with a versatile acoustic high-pass filter ring capable of reducing up to 10dB at 50 Hz. The filter itself modifies the space behind the transducer in the WA-19 to remove unwanted sub bass. This feature is perfect for refining the tone, emphasizing the upper midrange, and avoiding the typical electronic phase shift associated with preamp high-pass filters.

Custom Dynamic Capsule

The WA-19 showcases a uniquely crafted brass dynamic cardioid humbucking capsule, meticulously assembled by hand. This capsule combines the essential noise rejection of a dynamic microphone, while also delivering heightened clarity and a vibrant top-end for enhanced detail, surpassing many studio dynamic microphones.

Authentic Appearance & Elite Build Quality

The WA-19 has an overbuilt dynamic transducer well beyond typical, modern spec. The ultra-durable metal casing keeps the mic safe on the sides, and the dual-layered headbasket protects the capsule from daily wear and tear. Every single WA-19 is meticulously hand-inspected at Warm HQ in Austin,TX by real musicians and engineers with a passion for superior sound.

Technical Specifications

  • Dynamic Cardioid Studio Microphone 
  • Faithfully Recreating One Of The Most Favored Studio Dynamic Mics Of The 1960s
  • Variable 50Hz Acoustic High-Pass Filter With 0 To -10dB Range
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid | Impedance: 200 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz – 18Khz
  • Max SPL: 145dB
  • Sensitivity (Modern Measurement): -53dB +/-3dB At 1Khz (0dB=1V/Pa)
  • Sensitivity (Vintage Measurement): -74dBv Re.1 V/Dyne/Cm² 
  • Connector: XLR
  • Color: Nickel Or Black
  • Length: 6” | Diameter: 1.4” | Weight: .5 Lbs

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