The Ultimate Bus Compressor 

  • 4 modes of operation - Classic Stereo, Σ S/C Stereo, Dual Mono or Mid-Side 

  • External side-chain inputs and sends 

  • The authentic SSL Bus Compressor circuit 

  • LOW THD Mode reduces low-frequency distortion caused by compression 

  • F/B Mode alters the compression characteristics for a more 'relaxed' style of compression 

  • 4K Mode - single VCA operation with variable harmonic distortion to bring some 'grit' and 'grunge' to the mix 

  • Negative Ratios - for creative pumping effects and control of particularly loud signals 

  • New Attack and Release options, including the new 'Auto 2' setting 

  • MIX control for instant parallel compression 

  • Moving-coil gain reduction meters 

  • Unlockable Transient Expander 


  • 100% analogue circuit, controlled digitally using stepped front-panel pots 

  • Huge +27.5 dBu headroom 

  • Configurable processing order - Bus Compressor pre D-EQ (default) or post 

  • CH 1 IN and CH 2 IN buttons for global bypass 

  • Settable Operating Level - 0 dB (nominal), +10 dB, -5 dB 

  • Sleep and Auto-Sleep modes 

  • Precision MDAC-controlled MAKE-UP Gain with two ranges - 1 dB or 0.5 dB steps 


  • Powerful 2-band analogue Parallel Dynamic EQ - the D-EQ 

  • Compress/Expand modes 

  • 3 choices of time constants for each band - Nominal, FAST or AUTO 

  • 16 selectable Frequency points per band 

  • Adjustable Range control per band from 0.5 dB to 15 dB 

  • HF band can be switched to Bell shape, with selectable f

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